Teacher Highlights

Kelli Stanley
William H. Ryder Math & Science Specialty School

Kelli Stanley Coach 2019.jpg

Diverse Learner teacher Kelli Stanley continually seeks ways to become a more engaged, empowered educator. For instance, she is working towards a second master’s degree in educational leadership from the American College of Education. Also, last year she participated as a Team Member in a CFE Study Group focused on strategies and routines to promote and execute meaningful student-to-student discourse in the classroom. Recently, Ms. Stanley was awarded a Study Group Co-Coach Grant with a Ryder Elementary School colleague.  Additionally, as a member of a LEAP Pilot Network cohort, Ms. Stanley receives coaching, hands-on support and materials to bring this learning experience to life in her classroom.

Ms. Stanley strongly believes that for far too long, our education system has been a one-size-fits-all model where teachers use only one approach to teach a concept and assign work to students without any differentiation. “Personalized learning is a modern approach designed to reach and teach every student in a more authentic way, leaving more of the learning up to the individual child,” explained Ms. Stanley.

According to LEAP, personalized learning places every student in the driver’s seat, actively integrating their needs, strengths and interests into their learning. Rigorous and sustainable, it uses holistic teaching methods and forward-thinking innovations —and it can be tailored to every classroom.

Through her own experience with LEAP, Ms. Stanley has witnessed the benefits of this approach – and wants to share her learnings with other educators. Her CFE Study Group, Understanding Personalized Learning, will teach Team Members about this transformative teaching methodology. Participants will explore how to implement the four pillars in the LEAP framework: Learner Focused, Learner Led, Learner Demonstrated, and Learner Connected, anticipate challenges and develop strategies to address these issues, and document and collect data to show the effectiveness of personalized learning.  

“Research has shown, and we have found it to be true in our own classrooms at Ryder, that personalized learning engages students in the learning process and produces significantly higher test scores, growth and attainment on standardized tests,” said Ms. Stanley. “Being able to share with CFE Team Members what we have learned as part of the LEAP Pilot Network will be a rewarding and exciting experience.”

To review the full scope of CFE’s Study Groups, and beginning March 25, apply for a Study Group Team Member Grant, visit www.cfegrants.org.