Teacher Highlights

Kat Henry
Pulaski International School of Chicago


It takes a remarkable teacher to teach Special Education for more than a decade, and Kat Henry is a special kind of teacher. In fact, Ms. Henry is one of just a few educators who has participated in all of CFE’s programs — Small Grants, Study Groups, ARLI Fellowships, Fund for Teacher Fellowships, and our annual Workshop — some of them more than once! Ms. Henry was also named CFE’s 2017 Teacher of the Year, and she currently serves on CFE’s Board of Directors.

Ms. Henry is a fierce advocate for all Chicago Public School students, and says that CFE has been a vital part of her own teaching success. With the lens of both teacher and CFE Board Member, she shares just why she believes CFE’s support of educators is so critical.

“CFE empowers teachers.” says Ms. Henry. “It trust educators. It connects us, and makes our work sustainable. With the support of CFE, we can really thrive as educators.”

When school starts in September, Ms. Henry will begin her 11th year of teaching Special Education at Pulaski International School of Chicago, but she still comes back to CFE to learn and grow as an educator. “This summer I took a break from leading a Study Group, so I could be a participant. Our Study Group was focused on best practices in guided reading and anyone could sign up. In some ways it felt very basic — guided reading is the bread-and-butter of a literacy classroom.But what I love about CFE is that our study groups are open to educators anywhere in their career. There are teachers with 20 years of experience and National Board Certification who came to the group because they wanted to refresh and revisit what they offer to their students. Having a space where we can learn from each other is affirming. You walk away with a fresh take on your teaching, and it’s invaluable knowing that support is there.”

“What CFE really does best,” says Ms. Henry, “is tells teachers that ‘we care about you, and believe in you. We believe in your professionalism and your knowledge of your students. We trust you to know what you need to grow your practice and reach more students, and we will support you in realizing your vision’.”