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The Chicago Foundation for Education appreciates the generosity of individual, corporate and foundation donors who make this work possible. 


We thank you for your support!


$25,000 +

Mary Beth and Phil Canfield
Patricia and William Hagenah
The Rumsfeld Family Fund
Susan K. and Stephen R. Wilson

$15,000 +

Ann and Richard Carr
Hoban Family Charitable Foundation
Malott Family Foundation

$10,000 +

Yasmina and Brian Duwe
Foley Family Foundation
Christy and Graham Gerst
Mr. David W. Grainger
Mrs. Shirley Jaffee* and Mr. Richard M. Jaffee
Jannotta Family Fund

$5,000 +

Juliette F. Bacon
Douglas R. and S. Leigh P. Conant Cookie Jar Foundation in honor of Debby Jannotta*, Marcia Littlejohn and Joyce Rumsfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Ellis
Sonja and Conrad Fischer
Virginia and Gary Gerst
Bev and Warren Hayford
Louanne and William Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Krehbiel
Mr. and Mrs. John Madigan
Oppenheimer Family Foundation
Nancy E. Jaffee and William T. Patterson
Ann Streeper
Elizabeth and Richard Streeper
Devanee and Alex Washington

$2,500 +

Mr. Vernon Armour
Wiley and Jo Caldwell
Phyllis and Bill Chambers
James and Catherine Denny Foundation
Paul Galvin Memorial Foundation Trust
The Charles Jacob Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Edward James
The Jannotta-Pearsall Family Fund
Carolyn and John Kavanaugh
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Palmer
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison I. Steans

$1,000 +

Judy and P.D. Block III*
Joseph Chalhoub
David Coolidge
Liz and Kent Dauten
Lili and Art Duquette
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Fix
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Glasser
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. George
Jennifer and Scott Gwilliam
Mary and Mark Hoppe
Kelly and Robert Horne
The Robert D. and Phyllis A. Jaffee Family Foundation
Kaplan Foundation Fund
The King Family Foundation
Lester Knight
Martha and John Mabie
Jane and Bruce McLagan
Carlette McMullan
Alexandra and John Nichols
Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr. Family Charitable Trust
Cathy and Bill Osborn
Shauna and Karl Peet
Sandra and Michael Perlow
Carole Pyle-Weaver
Red Bird Hollow Foundation
Roberts Family Foundation
Segal Family Foundation
Kathleen and Jim Skinner
Susie Smart
Liz Stiffel
Dr. Barbara O. Taylor

$500 +

Anonymous (2)
Anna and Talbott Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bartram in memory of Debby Jannotta
Sheila and Bob Berner in memory of Debby Jannotta
Drs. Carla F. and Stephen R. Berry
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Boris
Karen and Tom Cofsky
Mrs. Joseph T. Curti
Lynn Donaldson and Cam Avery
The Donnelley Family Foundation
Mrs. William K. Downey
Barbara and Ira Eichner
Patti Eylar and Charles Gardner
Jack and Stephanie Flynn Fund in memory of Debby Jannotta
Mr. and Mrs. Dilip Ghate in memory of Debby Jannotta
Edward J. Harney and Kathryn A. Mikells
Raynelle F. Heidrick
Ellen R. Horween
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Keiser Donor Advised Fund
Ann McDermott
Mr. and Mrs. Newton N. Minow
Mr. and Mrs. John W. O'Brien
Ivan Osinsky
Greg Patterson
Harry and Ady Rosenberg in honor of Shirley Jaffee*
Madeline and Michael Rosenberg
Patrick G. & Shirley W. Ryan Foundation
Kirsten and Chris Santiago
Edward and Gwen Yalowitz Family Foundation in honor of Shirley Jaffee*
Dara and Ross Milner
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Robbins
Samia Wahab
Mary and Mel Zwirn in memory of Lucille Falkof

$250 +

Nancy L. Bodeen
William & Joan Brodsky Foundation
Maryam Brown
Dr. Anne L. Bryant
J. M. Campbell
Carney Family Foundation
Stacey and Christopher Caywood
Jo Ann B. and Julien H. Collins, Jr.
Dottie and Jim Currie
Mrs. Edwin Darby
Linda and John Fix
Sally and Jack Foster
Kate and Christopher Hagenah
Verna and Robert Hirsch
Heidi and Dan Jaffee
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Keehn in memory of Debby Jannotta
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Keller in memory of Debby Jannotta
Koldyke Family Fund
Blair and Bill Lawlor
Diane I. and Robert W. Lemke in honor of Mary Jane and Jim Boris
Emily and John MacEntee
Julianne and Anthony Maggiore
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. McKenna
Ruthie and Alan McNally
Karen and Tim Miller
Louise and Jack Mills
Michael Patock
Mrs. Donald S. Perkins in memory of Debby Jannotta
The Perlman Family Foundation founded by Louis and Anita Perlman
Kate and Rick Peterson
Gretchen and Vincent Quinn
Joan H. and Robert R. Rudolph Fund in honor of Shirley Jaffe* and in memory of Debby Jannotta
Jean Sampson
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Siragusa
Chris Smith
Stearns Family Charitable Fund
Tria and Carson Thomas
Lynne and David B. Weinberg
Laura and Bob Watson

$100 +

Hugh Ahern, CPA
Mr. and Mrs. James Bernhart
Kitty Bliss and Jerry James
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Bobins, The Robert Thomas Bobins Foundation
Shelby Borchardt
Brandon Boros
Joan Bradbury
Kevin Buchheit
Ms. Mary Pat Carr
Georgeanne Chalmers
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Clair
Constance and Thomas Cole
Mr. and Mrs. J. Steven Cole
Connor Dawson
William J. Devers, Jr.
Kimbell and Matthew DeYoe
Mr. and Mrs. Byram Dickes
Sharon and John Dixon
Clarissa Y. Downey
Jane and Ray Drexler
Millicent Drower
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight W. Fawcett
Eileen and Joseph Fitzpatrick
Marianne Flanagan
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Fox, Sr.
Robert George
Ethel and Bill Gofen
Beth and Ray Grady
Drs. Nancy and Stan Handmaker in honor of Shirley Jaffee*
Judy and George Harmon
Mrs. David Harvey, in honor of Jeannie James
The Hay Family
John Helms
Lee and Arthur Herbst
Arthur Hill
David Hirsch
Carol Ann Hodgin in memory of Lucille Falkof
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Horne
Kathleen and Paul Hull
Lynn and Philip Hummer
Ms. Rosemary Isono
Adam Jump
Charles L. Katzenmeyer
Sheila and Christopher Kennedy
Patricia Kilduff
Catherine and Ed King
Nancy and Ron Kurz
Peter Leemputte
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Levi
Tara McDonald
Mrs. Corinne McGrail
Jay McGreevy
Joseph McIntyre
Diane McKeever and Eric Jensen
Sheila and Harvey Medvin
Matthew Nadherny
Eloise and Dick Neidhardt
Tom and Nancy Pardo in honor of Joyce Rumsfeld
Angie and Greg Pilgrim
Joan and Alan Ramsay
Merrilee Clark Redmond
Bernita Robinson
Nancy K. Robinson
Susan and Douglass Rohrman
Gloria and Shelly Rosing
Trevor Ryan
Lois Sachs
Barbara and Walter Scott
Roberta and William Siegfriedt
Sarah Slavin
Patrick Teyro
Barbara and Tom Thomas
Marcy Rumsfeld & Santiago Vaca
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wasserman
Jackie and Fred Weintraub in memory of Lucille Falkof
Sandra, Barbara, Max and Zach Weintraub in memory of Lucille Falkof
Dennis Winstead
Brooke Anderson Winterhalter
Mrs. Ann S. Wolff


Up to $100

Jonathan Adams
Connie Amon
Beth Andersen in honor of Newt Minow
Anonymous (2)
John Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. David Brock in memory of Nathalie Weil
Kimlona Brown
Lindi Butler-Walton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Butz in memory of Nathalie Weil
Sally R. Campbell
Carol Chapman
Monica E. Choca in memory of Lucille Falkof
Elizabeth and Frederick Coggin
Melissa Conrad
Shoushig and Richard Dagdigian
Susan Dardar
The Dickman Family in memory of Lucille Falkof
Diefenbach Family Foundation in memory of Debby Jannotta
Brian Dondanville
Mr. and Mrs. Linne K. Dose
Mary L. Drinan
Deni Drinkwater
Trevor Dykes
Ali Ellison
Kristen T. Evans
Shelly and Dave Fairman in memory of Lucille Falkof
Timothy Farrell
Ms. Mona Freeman in memory of Lucille Falkof
Patti Friedler
Chris Gansen
Cristina Guerrero
Kathy and Jeff Handelman
Bob Hauser and Dave Avery
Angela Just
Shana Kass
Allie Kerr
Alysia Kinsella
Ellis Krienik
Sandeep Kumar
Joseph Lawler
Megan LeClair
Jenny Lee
Jian Lee
Jason Loebig
Mary and Mel Marks
Matthew Mendenhall
Hallie Metzger
Ryan Moore
Maggie and Bill Morrison
Marsha Nathan
Duy Nguyen
Caitlin Petrosky
Susan Nichols-Petska
Megan Norris
Carrie Ohannes
Maria Ovalle
Jeannine Owens
Tyrone Owens
Michael Jaffee Patterson
Gayle and Richard Pervos in memory of Lucille Falkof
Nicole Peterson
Anh Phan
Kendrick Pitak
Marjorie Rogasner
Natalie Sabbath
Marilyn and Scott Sandler
Marcia P. Schuster
Sally J. Schwab
Ronald Sharlach in honor of Lucille Falkof
Andy Sheren
Charlie Spokes
Carolyn Strug
Ari Sunshine
Thomas Szymanski
Megan Tenenbaum
Matthew Tully
Elizabeth Valente
Thomas Vangel
Sarah Vogt
Mary M. Walther
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Zabel
Nicole and Nick Zumpano


Corporate and Foundation Donors


The Field Foundation of Illinois
Fund for Teachers
Oil-Dri Corporation of America
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, and Flom, LLP



A.G. Cox Charity Trust



Dr. Scholl Foundation



The James Huntington Foundation
Kenilworth Union Church
Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas Community Fund of the Chicago Community Trust
Rochelle Zell Jewish High School
University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Von Maur



Reed Smith LLP



Littelfuse Inc.
Morgan Stanley
D.A. Davidson
Pritzker Group
The Warwick Foundation in honor of Nancy Jaffee



Starcom Media Vest
Goldman Sachs Gives
HPL&S, Inc.
Water Street Healthcare Partners


Up to $499

Amazon Smile Foundation
Chicago Whirlyball Inc.
Kappa Alpha Theta
Neighbors of Kenilworth
PMI Energy Solutions LLC
Public Good
Rocco Fiore & Sons
Work in Progress Fitness LLC