25th Anniversary

In 1985, Joyce Rumsfeld recruited a group of volunteers to join her in establishing what was to become the Chicago Foundation for Education (CFE). It was at a time when Chicago’s public schools were considered some of the “worst in the nation,” but Joyce firmly believed that the citizens of our community could make a difference. Since that grassroots beginning, CFE has evolved into a dynamic organization focused on the professional development of teachers across the Chicago public school system.


On September 29, 2010, CFE celebrated its 25th anniversary with an event that recognized the more than 2,100 volunteers who have contributed to the Foundation’s success. The Board of Directors was delighted to pay particular tribute to Debby Jannotta and Shirley Jaffee, two women who have each devoted thousands of hours over the last twenty-five years to further CFE and Chicago public education.


The Debby Jannotta and Shirley Jaffee CFE Teacher of the Year Award was established to commemorate this special occasion. We encourage you to learn more about this prestigious award and winners.