Honoring Shirley Jaffee

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It is with great sadness that we share the news of Shirley Jaffee's passing on Monday, July 18, 2016. ​Shirley (pictured, left) served as a CFE Board member and active volunteer for 26 years. She led the organization's fundraising efforts in partnership with the late Debby Jannotta for much of that time. CFE was proud to celebrate the contributions of both women at a 25th anniversary gala a few years ago, establishing the annual Debby Jannotta and Shirley Jaffee CFE Teacher of the Year Award.
CFE is honored to have been among the many organizations Shirley championed. Her commitment to her family, friends and Chicago's teachers will be remembered always. She will be deeply missed, but her legacy lives on in our work with Chicago's teachers and students each day.


Shirley is survived by her loving husband Richard; their four children, including daughter Nancy Jaffee who joined the CFE board of directors in 2015; and fourteen grandchildren, among them Nancy's son Michael Patterson, a member of CFE's Associate Committee. Daughter Karen Jaffee Cofsky, and grandaughters Jennifer Cofsky and Jackie Cofsky are also active volunteers with CFE. 


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Thank you to the following individuals who made donations to CFE in Shirley's memory. This list is current as of 1/9/2016.


Carl Amari

Julie and John Anastos and Family

Mark Anderson

Eileen Murphy Amlee

John and Caroline Barr

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Belker

Sherry and Paul Carbery

Phyllis and Bill Chambers

CLL Global Research Foundation

Susie Cohen

Helen Honse and Bert Cornick

Henry Crown and Company
Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Duwe

Rosa and Lou Ebling

Ina May Flink

Mr. and Mrs. James Foley

Michael Gerstenzang

Mr. and Mrs. John Ginaven

Beverly Ann Giordano

Patricia and William Hagenah

Joan M. Hall

Muriel Handmaker

Mr. Richard Hardin

Bernice and Zev Harel

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hayford    

Marietta and Jay Hesdorffer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hirsch

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Holland

Steven Imp

Alice Ann and William A. Inglis

Caryl Jaffee

Jeannie and Edward James

Jannotta Family Fund

Mr. Charles L. Katzenmeyer

Patricia Kilduff

Dr. and Mrs. Alan B. Klein

Mr. Donald Levy

Judith Z. Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lewry

Roberta Lichten

Ann Margolis

Mrs. Corinne McGrail

Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. McNally

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Miller, Jr.

Reid and Susan Murphy

Jean Myers

Mr. and Mrs. James Pass

Bruce Patsey

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Patterson

Harriet and Theodore Perlman

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Perlow

Bonnie Garmisa and Tom Pinchbeck & Family

Carolyn Reed

Mr. Jerry Reinsdorf

The Riley Family Foundation Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ritchell

Nancy K. Robinson

Rumsfeld Family Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rutherford

Lottie Samuel

Kirsten and Chris Santiago

Mrs. Marcia P. Schuster

Carole and Gordon Segal

Carl Senft

Amy Sheren

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Silverman

Dr. Harry and Kathy Sorensen

Allan Steinberg

Liz Stiffel

Mr. and Mrs. Jerold M. Stirling

Betty A. Tatooles

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Taylor III

Mrs. Bernard Trager & Family

Beth Valente

Pam Washburn

Mr. and Mrs. Alex E. Washington

The Weigel Family

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Wilson

Willow Wood Preschool

Merrill and Sheila Wynne
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert N. Zitin


Share Your Memories

If you are one of the many people who worked alongside Shirley over the years in support of CFE, please take a moment to share a story, image or other remembrance with us at cfe@cfegrants.org. We look forward to posting your memories on this page in celebration of her legacy.